P!nk Bids ‘Good Riddance’ To Ex-Fan Upset She Denounced Trump’s ‘White Power’ Tweet

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P!nk bid “good riddance” to a former fan who was upset the GRAMMY Award winner called out President Trump on Sunday after he retweeted a clip of a pro-Trump supporter yelling “white power” with his fist raised at protesters.

“Trump retweet’s a white man screaming WHITE POWER and you’re gonna vote for that? And you’re OFFENDED that you OFFEND ME????? 🖕🏽,” Pink tweeted, adding the hashtag #RacistInChief.

A fan responded to her tweet, writing: “I don’t think PINK! I won’t buy anymore of your music but I was a fan!”

Pink fired back: “Thank you! Good riddance!”

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Another fan tweeted: “I like your voice better when you’re singing. You are soo good at that and your concerts are amazing. I miss that side of you soo much. Glad you & your fam fully recovered from the virus.”

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P!nk responded: “You should listen to my songs dear mr President, what about us, or the duet I did with my father that he wrote while fighting for your right to be an idiot. 🖕🏽

When Trump supporters began spreading the #BanPink hashtag in response to her critical tweet of the president, P!nk responded: “Hahah do it. Ban me. Y’all are fucking dumb. Ban Pink! Hahahaha.”

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